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Asia Observatory

24 January 2018


QUOC DUY ENGINEERING & MACHINERY Co., Ltd has a strong engineering team, many skilled workers, enthusiastic, very dynamic especially practical experience accumulated working in the factory as well as at the unit supplying wood processing plant before. Our team not only want to reputable supplier of wood processing machines high quality with reasonable prices, but also look forward always accompany development and furniture manufacturers Vietnam on the way to integration the world.

Through a long way, QUOC DUY ENGINEERING & MACHINERY Co., Ltd has a good reputation prestige in the market supply of wood processing plants, through the package deal from consulting construction design workshop to complete installation the production line, coating line at the request of customers. Apart line common woodworking machines, we put themselves master the technology of new generation models - CNC machine, very high effective, mass produced products have reduce the cost, expense of operative employment. In addition, it’s easier in manipulation operation and maintenance. The type of production technology often Quoc Duy consulting, import and installation as: -Machine systems and equipment systems for Wood processing technology.
New construction and upgrades -Systems of static paint finishing wood and metal products. -Dust Collector system all Factory and wastewater treatment processes from paint into the environment. -The system central air compressor- compressed air supply to each stage -The types of supplies, spare parts, used for machining and finishing of wood products. (Knives, saws, paint Guns ...). Always looking for new technologies, update and develop our professional development is the motto of Quoc Duy. We are confident with the proven capacity of its past more and more manufacturers of woodworking machines renowned as: Italy (Pade ....), Germany (Altendorf, .... ) and Taiwan (Woodwise, Joway, Taichan, Waipu ..., authorized distributors, direct installation, maintenance equipment for their high technology qd We have been carrying out many projects of technical high-tech and constantly trying to satisfy and meet the needs of customers from near and far. Agile style, professional, technical staff of experienced Quoc Duy quickly address the requirements of customers during sales.
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QUOC DUY Engineering & Machinery Co.
Ltd 11-19 Nguyen Oanh Str. Ward 10
VN-008484 HO CHI MINH / Vietnam
Ph.+84 8 73095276