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Seminar: Doing Business in Asean 30th-31st May 2006 - Selangor
Asia Observatory

06 February 2006

Seminar: Doing Business in Asean 30th-31st May 2006 - Selangor

It is well said that the major ASEAN countries (such as Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam and Indonesia)as a whole is a US$780 billion economy in 2004 with a population base of 500 million. This is an increase of close to 10.5% growth rate. Market analyst predict rapid growth for ASEAN for the next 10 years. But not all countries will enjoy equal growth rate. Some will grow faster than others. Among the top watch for the next ten years within ASEAN are (beside Malaysia, of course) Thailand, Singapore, Philippines and Vietnam. With a combined GDP exceeding USD770 billion, these countries has been enjoying an average of growth rate of 5.4%. However, there are probably more Malaysian companies which are in China than participating in the dynamic growth of their neighbouring countries. Why? There are 3 major reasons: 1) Lack of KNOWLEDGE – not being fully aware of opportunities available and the know-how 2) Lack the URGENCY – the business priorities are somewhere else 3) Lack the NETWORK – to make things happen This two days program aims to meet the challenges of the above three reasons. It aims not only to update participants on the latest development on Asean Free Trade Area and Asean various trade agreements with other countries and its implication to Malaysian business interest (hence providing the KNOWLEDGE and URGENCY), it also provide panel discussant and presentation from experts, business leaders and trade representatives (hence the NETWORK) share their knowledge on business and investment opportunities in ASEAN countries, namely Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam. TOPICS COVERED -Understanding ASEAN FREE TRADE AREA and be updated on its latest development - Overview of ASEAN free trade agreements with China, India, and other countries - Bilateral agreements made by individual Asean member countries and its implication to Malaysian businesses - Towards an ASEAN Community – Are we heading for a common currency: AFTA Outlook 2006 and beyond - Doing Business in Thailand - Doing Business in Vietnam - Doing Business in Philippines - Doing Business through Singapore. Iimportant contact and network Bukit Jalil Golf and Country Club,Selangor - Malaysia