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Econly: The new 3D scratch-resistant decorative sheet.

18 November 2011

Econly: The new 3D scratch-resistant decorative sheet.

Econly is the new thermoplastic decorative sheet, to use as a decorative surface finish for various applications in furniture and interior design.
The A-PET product is made from a PET-based product which is then treated with a surface coating, processed vertically- without dust and in a clean room- scratch resistant, with 96 gloss, and can be post-formed in 2D.
Politek is a polystyrene-based product with a scratch-resistant surface coating and 94 gloss finish, and can be post-formed in 3D.
The coating process is the same for both products, but in order to be in 3D, the polystyrene is slightly less scratch-resistant than A-PET.
In addition to solid colours, prints are also available with a printing process using special inks for the outdoors which are UV and weather resistant.
For more information and to request samples, please contact Mr. Maurizio Venneri:

Via delle Industrie 14
31043 FONTANELLE (TV)- Italy
Tel. 0039 0422 210223
Fax 0039 0422 210223