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Statistical data
Focus on Europe

04 April 2008

Statistical data

Type of government: Republic.

The most important data are:
Population: 4.4 million inhabitants.
Popolation active: 1.7 million.
Surface: 56.594 sqKm.
Density: 79 inhabitants/sqKm.
Death rate:11,2 per thousand
Life expectancy: males 71 years, females 78 years.
Urban population: 59,0% Annual popolation risen: 0,4%.
Ethnic groups: croatians 83.5%, serbians 4,5%, Bosnians 0,5%, Italians 0,4%, magiars 0,4%, others 4,6%.
Religions: catholics 87,8%, protestants 0,3%, muslims 1,3%, atheists 5,2%, others 1,0%.
Gross Domestic Product (GDP): 4,6%.
Gross National Product - variation (GNP): 36.230 million dollars.
Unemployment: 11,8%

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