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22 July 2016


Is the Spanish edge-banding manufacturers located at the city of Valencia, just in the East coast of Spain, in the most traditional and ancient region of the country in wood industry. With more than 30 years experiences in wood industry EDGES IN WOOD VENEER produces:

Veneer Edges.
Avalilable in all veneer types, natural or multi-laminar. - Thickness: 0.5 mm - Widths: from 10 mm forward (mm by mm) - Length:100 mm. for pre-glued, and 200 mm. For the rest of finishings : Natural - Unglued and Pre-glued hot melt, or PVCA - Sanded and calibrated - Fleece back - Varnished prefinished - Varnished prefinished and sanded. - Natural varnish finished - Varnished customer´s colour.
Thick Veener Edges.
The thick veneer edges are obtained by laminating several layers of the same type of wood till having the thickness required, with a range of 1 mm to 3mm.. Thickness: 1mm – 1.5mm – 2mm – 2.5mm – 3mm - Widths: from 10 mm forward (milímeter by milímeter) Finishings: Natural - Sanded and calibrated - Preglued with hot melt or primer. - Varnished with varnish prefinish (till 1,5 mm) - Varnished with varnish prefinsihed and sanded (till 1,5 mm) - Varnish finish natural (till 1,5 mm) - Varnish finish customer colour (till 1,5 mm). Thick veneer edges are always pre-sanded on the back sides.
Veneer Sheets -Veneer Edges
Consists of a wood veneer sheet which is laminated at high pressure and temperature to a kraft paper backed. It´s flexibility allows working in those cases where the use of conventional veneers or solid wood were too difficult and too expensive. With this product you will be able to veneer wrap, postform without specialist machinery, and emboss curved and wavys surfaces. Flexible veneer sheets can also be easely bonded to suitable core materials by means of both membrane and form presses.
Standard Measures: Length.- 2,44 Mt. Width.- 1,22 Mts. Thickness.- 05 mm/3 mm. Flexible veneer sheets are available in all species of natural and fineline, burls, and even dyed and bleached veneers.
For more information contact Mrs Alicia Garcia:

Sargento Provisional 19
E-46930 QUART de POBLET / Valencia / Spain
Tel. +34 961 920551 / Fax +34 961 921063