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Unece timber committee week, sixty seventh session - Geneva, 12-16, October 2009

18 September 2009

Unece timber committee week, sixty seventh session - Geneva, 12-16, October 2009

The current global economic crisis is tremendously impacting the forest sector in the UNECE region and beyond. The UNECE Timber Committee brings together a wide range of participants representing Governments, industry, research and education, international organizations and non-governmental organizations to analyze the current situation, and look for ways to position the sector to bounce back.
- The week begins on 12 October with a green building workshop on “Responding to Climate Change: Wood’s place in a global approach to green building”. Carrying forward recommendations from a 2008 workshop, and bringing in fresh information, this workshop will pave the way for a major conference on green building in 2010. With input from other sectors, notably environment and energy, this workshop will create new collaboration.
- On 13-14 October the Timber Committee sessions start with the annual Market Discussions on “UNECE region forest products markets in a global economic crisis”. Experts lead discussions based on the UNECE/FAO Forest Products Annual Market Review, 2008-2009, country market statements and forecasts.
- “The forest sector in the green economy” is the one-day Policy Forum which will be held on Thursday, 15 October. Speakers will evaluate the situation of the forest sector in the context of the global economic crisis; identify opportunities for the sector’s contribution to a more sustainable society and a greener economy; and discuss means of positioning the sector to bounce out of the current economic slump.