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24 July 2018


We have spent all these years developing, introducing and improving new machines. Our story began in 1998 with the once-revolutionary, and still worthy, Compact 250, a machine that – occupying a very small amount of space and performing at a speed well beyond that of other contemporary machines – allowed for automatically changing the format of the reels being processed.

In 2003 we introduced the Tecnopress VR2 clamp with automatic stapler, which needs few parametric programs, something that makes it possible, even now, to easily manage the stapling cycles.
In 2004 we started producing integrated assembly lines, each custom-made for the spaces available and providing answers to specific needs. In 2005 we paired the Compact 250 with the Modulo unit that enables replacing reels without stopping the production cycle.
In 2008 we introduced the Tecnoassembler preassembly systems, which came into being because of the need to reduce the work of operators at assembly lines so as to limit the number of cases of work-related illnesses.
In 2010 we went on to introduce the NestCut system, a novelty that allowed for cutting panels out of large-size panels in a totally automatic way and without using sacrificial panels.
In 2017 we coupled the Tecnoassembler with the Colonne unit, a system thanks to which it is possible to insert side panels in a totally automatic way. We have always worked with one single goal in mind: the satisfaction of our clients with our machines and our services. It’s on account of this that we export to 50 countries around the world and are able to look to the future with a positive eye.

For more information contact Mr Renzo Giunti:

ERREGI Assembly & Packing Sistems
Via Lorenzetti s/n
I-61022 Talacchio di Vallefoglia / Pesaro / Italy
Ph. +39 0721 478808