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Alvaro Ponces/Business Development Manager and Branca Ara¨jo/ Sales Engineer Mark&Com Support. Photo Datalignum
Alvaro Ponces/Business Development Manager and Branca Ara¨jo/ Sales Engineer Mark&Com Support. Photo Datalignum

09 June 2016


TORBEL’s broad know-how was built on 40 years of experience gained in the construction of over 1,000 systems for many industries including Wood, Ceramic, Cork, Agriculture, Cements and Plasters, Paper, Metalworking, Foundry, Food, Textile and others.

The standard range of biomass boilers starts with small horizontal boilers 145 kW (0,5 MMBTU) through a complete range with our most sophisticated fluidized bed boilers up to 15 MW (50 MMBTU). Larger boilers can be designed and manufactured for special applications.
TORBEL’s boilers and furnaces can supply hot air, hot water, steam or diathermic oil. If a customer has a special application that cannot be met from TORBEL’s standard product range, then TORBEL’s engineering team will be pleased to assist and design a special system that meets your exact requirements. In addition to building biomass boilers and furnaces TORBEL also designs and manufactures all kind of material handling equipment (moving floor, screws and redlers), heat recovery systems, industrial air dedusting, filtration and emission control equipment including cyclones, bag filters, cartridge filters and wet scrubbers.
The company’s Engineering Team is able to study the customer’s needs and offer either a standard product or design a customized solution that meets the customer’s exact specifications and deliver a complete turnkey solution. TORBEL offers: Technical Expertise and Experience and Proven Solutions.
Based on 40 years of experience meeting customers exacting requirements in a wide range of industries - Customization Capacity - Large range of standard products - Specialist custom design to meet special requirements that cannot be met from our standard product range - Construction Quality - Heavy duty equipment’s, detail focused construction, lasting above the average of the European competition - Certification ISO 9001 quality control system - ASME certification for Sec. I and Sec. VIII - CE Marking - UL certification - Meets EPA emission standards - Quick Delivery Response- Value for Money.
For more information contact Mrs Branca Araùjo, Sales Engineer Marketing & Com. Support:

Zona Ind. Das Ervosas
PT 3834-909 Ilhavo / Portugal
Tel. +351 234 325011 Fax +351 234 325012