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Barberan digital printing machine Jetmaster 1260.
Barberan digital printing machine Jetmaster 1260.

23 May 2016

Barberanís HotCoating High Gloss at Xylexpo, HALL 1 G02.

Just a few years ago, in FIMMA 2011, Barberan presented a new roller coating system, in a joint development with the adhesives and coats German manufacturer Kleiberit: the HotCoating High Gloss system.

Today, there are more than a dozen lines of this type working in the world. Factories of South America, Europe, Asia and now, also, Africa deposit their confidence in Barberan’s coating systems due to its high performance, reliability and cost reduction. Until now, high gloss finishes could be only be obtained through the application of high quantities of lacquer by curtain coater or guns. The great advantage of this system is the achievement the same result, using roller application and, therefore is not necessary so much quantity of lacquer. This completely new process uses the product HotCoating from Kleiberit, which allows to apply this product directly on the melamine surface without the need to apply primer first.
The HotCoating presents exceptional adhesion properties, providing an excellent strength and flexibility at the same time. The process is interesting, not only for melamine surfaces on MDF boards, but also melamine laminated particleboard panels. For this kind of finishing, Barberan has developed a specific roller coater that achieves, with a single application, the finish quality that is so far only possible when spraying guns or lacquer curtains are used. The roller application system is smaller, saves more than 50% coating product, as far 100% solid content lacquers are used, and involves a much more efficient and solvent-free application. This process solves the typical difficulties of this type of treatment, with a simple and compact line that improves the product properties, resistance and durability, above those results obtained with conventional UV systems. Complete process for High Gloss. The melamine will go through a cleaning and heating cycle. Then a hot melt polyurethane (PUR) layer is applied, followed by two acrylic base coats. These are cured by UV lamps, before being sanded. Finally, top coat (could be high gloss, semi-glossy or matt finish) is applied and cured.
• Mirror finish quality with best values in transparency and depth.
• Perfect adhesion of the UV High Gloss products on melamine.
• Extremely economic system with an overall cost lower than using traditional systems.
• Excellent properties to be cut.
• Immediate manipulation of finished boards.
*Flexibility, allows to be post formed.

Barberan exhibit at Xylexpo, Hall 1 Booth G02. For more information contact Mrs Aïnhoa Iriso:

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