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UNICONFORT ITALY: Energy conversion from biomass.

28 April 2016

UNICONFORT ITALY: Energy conversion from biomass.

Uniconfort has been working for 50 years in the sector of advanced thermos-technics and technologies for the energy conversion of biomass from agricultural, woodworking, forestry and pellets. Fields of operation:

• Design and construction of biomass boilers.

• Production of biomass boilers for hot water, superheated water, steam, heating oil and air and hot gas generators.
• Turnkey biomass systems. • Turnkey biomass cogeneration systems.
• Consulting for the receipt of Government Incentives (Green and White Certificates).
• Boilers compatible with various types of biomass (agricultural and forestry with high humidity content, inhomogeneous pieces and high level of ash).
• In-House R&D Center specializing in the study of conventional and non-conventional biomass combustion.
• Boiler thermal power from 93 to 14,000 kW. The production range of UNICONFORT is divided into different families which differ in the type and power of the burner in function of the solid fuel that the user wishes to use.
The technical solutions proposed, allow the combustion of very humid material with irregular and high size:
For more information contact Mrs L. Rossi:

Via dell’Industria
21 35018 San Martino di Lupari / Padova / Italy
Tel. +39 049 5952052
Fax +39 049 5952099