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LIGENTO: Innovative biomass cogeneration plants.

14 March 2016

LIGENTO: Innovative biomass cogeneration plants.

The production process of the modern plants of the Ligento green power GmbH is based on power-heat cogeneration. Heat and electricity are produced from natural and renewable resources such as wood. For this purpose, Ligentoplant converts wood chips through thermochemical processes into clean, energy-rich generator gas. This gas is then burnt in an efficient gas engine and thus converted into valuable electrical energy.
The heat generated during this procedure is used as process heat for commerce and industry or as thermal heat. The produced electricity can either be fed into the public grid or used for the operator's own supplies.

- Ligentoplant – The Product - Power from 140 kW and heat from 240 kW. PRODUCT DATA of one plant:
- Construction method: Modular structure with containers for external setting.
- Installation surface: Approx. 18,5 m x 13,5 m incl. logistics for wood chips, depending on the assembly.
- Energy source: Wood chips P45A, P63, P100 in compliance with DIN EN14961 (approx. particle size: 10 to 200 mm), partially sieved, max. water content of 45 % before drying.
- Fuel consumption: Approx. 0,95 kg/h per kW electric (water content 10 %).
-Thermal power: Approx. 240 kW (hot water max. 85°C/70°C) or approx. 140 kW (hot water max. 85°C/70°C) and approx. 100 kW (steam).
- Electrical power: Approx. 140 kW.
- Gas generation: Autothermal fixed-bed reactor, downdraft process, Ligento floating-state-technology.
- Gas purification: Dry hot gas cleaning

For more information contact Ing. Martin Hoffmann:

Ligento Green Power GmbH
Hahnenbalz 35
D-90411 Nuremberg / Germany
Tel. +49 (0)911 24030050
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