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HÖCKER POLYTECHNIK: Fresh ideas for more than 54 years!

02 March 2016

HÖCKER POLYTECHNIK: Fresh ideas for more than 54 years!

"Always one idea ahead". This guiding principle applies today more than ever. Since 1962, HÖCKER POLYTECHNIK has designed, planned and built ventilation systems, briquetting systems and special solutions for industry and craft workshops. Starting with mobile dedusters and extending to large filter facilities with capacities of more than 300,000 m3/h.

Following several years of development, we have managed to establish ourselves as a market leader in suction and filter systems, as well as pneumatic conveyance systems for the cardboard packaging and corrugated cardboard industry in Germany. And we're not running out of gas just yet: The team operates worldwide, keeping its eyes and ears open, with an astute awareness of the most up-to-date methodological approaches and research developments, enabling us to satisfy the present and future needs of our customers. We thrive on innovation and are convinced that the future will be shaped by creative product development.

Extraction systems & Dust extractors Fans and dedusting devices are the most important parts of a suction plant. Höcker Polytechnik is continuously improving the products and services, and is maintaining its focus on economical and reliable solutions. With this in mind and with expertise and experience gained during more than 50 years of researching, developing, and working with customers, we design for you state of the art vacuum systems and dust collectors. Biomass and Scrap wood Utilization. In times of increasing shortage of recourses and the dramatically increase of energy costs and heat supply wood scrap recycling and utilization of biomass has become great importance.
In this domain Höcker Polytechnik gained experience for more than 40 years due to the producing of installations and cooperation with excellent partners. No matter if we talk about warm air heating, feeding manually or automatically, about warm water heating systems, chip silos, bunker discharge and feeding systems, smoke gas extraction or funnel systems, Höcker Polytechnik always has the optimal and most economical solution for the economic and ecological recycling of your production waste.
For more information contact Mr Uwe Rother:

Absaug- und Entsorgungssysteme
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