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Options for trimming at different points
Options for trimming at different points

19 July 2016

Barberán: Integrated handle in one continuous process.

Lowest production costs and a completely finished product, ready for operating with the latest continuous postforming systems from Barberán.

With the implementation of the new systems for continuous postforming in the series SpeedPress and PUR 46-FR, Barberán unites the 3 traditional steps for manufacturing an integrated handle in kitchen and bathroom doors, as well as furniture in general, in only one continuous production line.
Flat lamination, trimming and edge banding of panels is now speeded up with machines that are able to laminate the whole board, postform the edges and trim the overhang. The result is a completely finished board which is ready for further processing in less time and with only one production line. Low costs and high quality for an integrated handle without any joints and overlaps with only one pass wrapping. The SpeedPress series with a maximum width of 1400 mm and the PUR 46-FR with 460 mm can work with paper foils, PVC, PP, PET and CPL on coil with a speed from 20 m/min up to 40 m/min, depending on the characteristics of durability and rigidity of the used foil. A machine that, above all, allows getting most common postformings, used on doors, with a simple, quick tool change: angle of 90° with a radius from 0.5 to 5 mm, angle of 45° and of 30°.
With the new method of continuous production for integrated handles Barberán offers his clients and manufacturers of kitchen and bathroom doors the perfect machine for producing the latest trends in door design, quickly and at low cost.

For more information contact Mrs Aïnhoa Iriso:
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