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21 May 2016


Pessa Impianti Srl designs and manufactures machines and plants for wood reduction and preparation of flakes and fibers, mainly used in the WBP, MDF and OSB industry and supplies a wide range of systems and equipments with complementary functions to improve their performance and for the complete automation of the lines.
It is a reliable partner to face and work out the realization of new lines and machinery but also for the up-grading of existing plants to meet changing production needs.
A consolidated experience of more than 50 years is a real guarantee for customers who can also count on a reconditioning service of the parts subject to heavy wear as cutterheads, rotors and impellers, that assure high efficiency and top performance of the machines.
A particular remark on the universal discontinuous flakers, reliable machines with extraordinary performances, designed to comply with different production requirements and able to produce good quality calibrated flat flakes and OSB strands with superior mechanic characteristics.
Their high performances allow to eliminate working shifts with consequent reduction of the plant basis cost: one only machine is able to produce flat flakes already suitable to the final use. That means reduced manpower, reduced maintenance costs, less energy consumption.
The chipping lines have not a secondary importance since represent the alternative to a poor availability of the raw materials; they allow the recovery of wooden wastes that can be reintroduced in the production of value-added composite materials in form of fiber and micro particles or used as alternative source of energy.
The large quantity of the produced flakes and chips can be storaged into silos equipped with translating screws extraction systems which supply autonomy for many hours of work and allow a continuous and regular flow of the raw material to the plant. The mixing silo is then able to guarantee the homogeneization of the product thanks to the translating distribution device and live-bottom. The storage systems for flakes, chips and sawdust includes models of various sizes and extraction types.
The production range includes ‘wood shaving machines’ too, type PL, for zootechny field, designed for animal bedding soft flakes production, qualified for animal comfort and obtained from roundwood. In details, the production includes:
- Machines for wood reduction: discontinuous flakers, drum chippers, wood shaving machines for animal litters;
- Milling machines and shredders;
- Machines for particle comminution: knife ring flakers, hammer mills, refining mills;
- Systems for wood feeding, handling and storage;
- Extraction, storage and mixing systems for flakes, chips, sawdust;
- Auxiliary equipments.
For more information:

Via Claudia 316
I-30023 CONCORDIA SAGITTARIA / Venezia / Italy
Tel +39 0421 270999
Fax +39 0421 273999