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23 May 2018


At EHP we do everything from simple to extreme, so when we are talking about a simple design of mattresses that will still rock your socks off while appearing simple we’d like to present the spring coil bed.
A comfortable traditional way of approaching a mattress that many still enjoy very much, however, we have 5 different options when it comes to our spring coils ranging from very soft to very hard. Pick out what you love to sleep on the most and sweet dreams.

Component bed One of the more complex designs here at EHP is our component bed which allows the user to interchange certain layers of the mattress itself. Whether you’d like to be sleeping on a water bed, air bed, spring bed or memory foam bed, you can do it all simply by zipping open the layers and putting in the one you want. Giving yourself and your partner a unique sleeping experience has literally never been as easy as this.
The four interchangeable layers allow for up to 16 different experiences with a single bed, what more would you like?
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