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Novopan Denmark: the first particleboard factory in Scandinavia since 1950.

12 September 2016

Novopan Denmark: the first particleboard factory in Scandinavia since 1950.

The company was founded in 1950 by John. F.La Cour, who already had an ongoing production of peat, a sawmill an panels.

Production was based on a license agreement with the Swiss Fahrni engineer who had invented and patented a method for the manufacture of particleboard. It is from this patent named "Novopan" comes. In subsequent years there has been a rapid development on the basis of self-developed production techniques. Customer focus and responsibility towards employees and society in general have always been fundamental values.
The company is thus a high-tech company and a leader in the industry.
Particleboard for all purposes.
Novopan particleboard products can be used anywhere in construction to the floor, wall and ceiling coverings in residential, commercial and institutional buildings, where the products meet requirements for strength, stability, application class and formaldehyde content. In the kitchen, furniture and fixtures industry used chipboard for furniture and fixtures such. racks, upholstered furniture, tables, kitchen and lockers, etc.

For more information contact Mr Henning Jensen, Managing Director:

Fabriksvej 2, Pindstrup
Tel. +45 89 74 74 74