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CEFLA FINISHING GROUP celebrates the success of the fifth edition of “Cefla Live”

06 November 2014

CEFLA FINISHING GROUP celebrates the success of the fifth edition of “Cefla Live”

Representatives from 245 companies took part in the most recent edition of “Cefla Live”, held from 9 to 11 October at the Cefla LAB in Imola.
Clients from 32 different countries had the opportunity to take part in a number of live tests on all the Cefla machines and technologies present in the Laboratory.
This important event was also attended by 30 partner companies, including manufacturers of coatings, pumps, spray guns and abrasives, who had the opportunity to test their products on Cefla machines. This innovative new form of cooperation between Cefla and its partners makes Cefla Live a unique event.
“The rise in the number of participants provides confirmation that we are working effectively to offer to the Clients technologically innovative solutions able to respond to their current needs and to allow them to come up with ideas to open new markets for their business,” says Alberto Maestri, Sales & Marketing Director of Cefla Finishing Group.
Guests were able to see:
Two new additions to the largest range of spraying machines and robots on the market: iGiottoApp and Mito K, which have now joined the already familiar products Easy, Prima, iBotic e iGiotto. iGiottoApp by Cefla Finishing is an anthropomorphous robot used for coating 3D objects and panels. Thanks to the 3D scanner, iGiottoApp is able to integrate the finest coating technologies using both modern water-based and solvent-based products, thus reducing the amount of coating used and guaranteeing low environmental impact. iGiottoApp offers the versatility today’s market requires.-
Top Form.
Mito K by Cefla Finishing is the new oscillating spraying machine that comes with either one or two arms. Its exceptional flexibility and the savings it allows for on applications make it perfect even for small and medium businesses.
The progress made by Cefla in the field of digital printing now include cooperation with Cruse, a manufacturer of 3D scanners. This technology integrates the digital printing system functions of Cefla Pixart, allowing for photorealistic results in more than two dimensions.
The Inert Coating Technology system by Sorbini continues to attract a great deal of interest. This process is able to guarantee high quality in the preparation of panels and, at the same time, to drastically cut running costs, making Inert Coating Technology a winning resource both for Clients considering a retrofit for existing lines and those intending to invest in innovative technologies. Visitors were able to observe the high quality of the surfaces and the perfect adhesion, and were able to obtain a clearer idea of the economic advantages this process offers.
Finally, Cefla confirmed the development of Fusion Coating Technology, the result of the partnership with leading adhesive manufacturer Henkel, which has created UV hot-melt, an ideal product for guaranteeing perfect adhesion and flatness on coloured and decorated melamine panels, with both glossy and matte finishes.
Participants were also able to see the production line for windows in operation, with iGiotto by Falcioni and two systems for application on frames: the Performa spraying machine by Delle Vedove and the Talent vacuum system by Delle Vedove.

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