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HUECK Rheinische: The surface Company.

05 October 2012

HUECK Rheinische: The surface Company.

The origin of HUECK Rheinische GmbH goes back to the merger of HUECK and Rheinische Press Pad GmbH in 2007 .
Rheinische Press Pad can look back on a decades long tradition in textile manufacturing . The history of HUECK Rheinische GmbH in today`s form goes back to a takeover of a company in Viersen through Messrs.Eduard HUECK GmbH & Co. KG / Lüdenscheid in 1994 .
HUECK already started with the production of large sized brass- and aluminium plates in 1938 . In 1977 the first textured press plates were manufactured on steel and brass .
HUECK Rheinische GmbH is based in Viersen and has a production facility in Stolberg / Rheinland as well as worldwide agencies .
The head office in Viersen combines the corporate sales including marketing , product and design development , customer support and research for both product groups , press plates and press pads . The production site of high – quality press pads is located in Stolberg .
HUECK Rheinische combines: Production of innovative press plates and press pads Sales of press plates and press pads Research and Development Department for innovative novelties for the woodworking industry .
The company emphasizes service and support for your product in order to be the efficient full-service supplier for complete solutions in the woodworking industry .
HUECK Rheinische press plates and press pads stand for high level of technology in development and manufacturing . Premium processing, extraordinary lifetime and customer – oriented development means extraordinary worldwide leading products .
Its decors open a world of inspirational ideas to you , and it maintains an assortment of more than 13.000 decors from the perfect replica of a wood grain to a deceptively similar imitation of stone surfaces , up to trend- setting “Graphic” surfaces .
Hueck works closely with customers to develop the product for various production processes , which allows customers to succeed in the market. HUECK Rheinische is a leading company in production of textured press plates , which are used for manufacturing of wood based panels and decorative laminates . The customers not only find its textured and smooth surfaces in the furniture or interior construction sector , but also in the flooring and wall-panel sector . A variety of surfaces for technical use complete its portfolio .
In the course of continuous development of its innovative “ gloss controlling process , “ HUECK succeeded in the past years to develop four fundamental processes which revolutionized the market . Meanwhile HUECK cannot only specifically realize gloss filled pores and deep mat surface areas in different shapes , but also realize an unprecedented interaction of different gloss levels and shapes of gloss on one and the same textured surface .
These exceptional features are built into its products named HELIOCHROME , LUNARCHROME , STRATOCHROME and VARIOCHROME .
As operations are so different from plant to plant , a standardized press pad cannot be the solution . HUECK Rheinische therefore offers asbestos-free press pads in several grades with different metal/fiber-elastomer contents . For the coating of wood based panels with amino plastic resin film , gluing with liquid resins , or manufacturing of high pressure laminates , the quality of the finished product to a large extent depends on a steady pressure onto the product surface . Therefore press pads will be needed to adjust thickness tolerances , while good heat conductivity is required .
Not only different end products , but also different machines require different manufacturing and pressing methods . Pressure , temperature and pressing time in general are no constant values . Therefore an individual press pad for the various types of coating is necessary .
For more information contact:

HUECK Rheinische GmbH
Helmholtzstraße 9
D-41747 Viersen (Germany)
Tel +49(2162) 94694-0
Fax +49(2162) 94694-51