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Jowat AG: New, innovative adhesives based on renewable raw materials

11 September 2012

Jowat AG: New, innovative adhesives based on renewable raw materials

New raw materials bases and innovative formulations are continuing the development strategy in a consistent and successful manner.
The Jowat AG headquartered in Detmold is supplier of industrial adhesives. For the wood and furniture industries, the company supplies a complete range of adhesives for all applications and performance requirements. At the ZOW 2012, Jowat AG is introducing new products which represent the response to the two major topics currently discussed on the market: supply capacity and sustainability.
New and innovative: The ZOW 2012 is the platform where a reactive PUR hot melt of the product line Jowatherm-Reaktant® is introduced. The new adhesive product contains more than 70 % of renewable raw materials. The polymer base are polyesters, synthesized 100 % from renewable raw materials. The performance of this new adhesive is absolutely comparable to the existing members of the well-known and proven line of Jowatherm-Reaktant® products. These high-performing adhesives show their superior results especially when used in demanding environments with high humidity and/or heat, and when exposed to mechanical stress. A complete line of reactive PUR hot melts of this generation is planned. The performance spectrum will extend from assembly applications, to edgebanding, to flat surface bonding, to profile wrapping.
The Jowat Swiss AG, the Centre for Competence for the development and marketing of the reactive polyurethane prepolymer adhesives - the Jowapur family, is also presenting new products based on renewable polyols. They can be used in the assembly of compound elements, for bonding fibreboard panels, solid wood, and also foam materials.
These products are only some outstanding examples showing the consistent implementation of the development strategy which already started years ago, with the Jowatac Super-HighSolid foam bonding adhesives. This product group with a solid content of about 75 % was continually improved and led to a positive CO2-balance. For instance, 1 kg of Jowatac Super-HighSolid currently contains approx. 550 g natural rosin. This corresponds to a reduction in CO2 of 1.6 kg or 816 litres of CO2 gas. In the conversion, an additional amount of 1.54 kg is released, equalling 1,082 litres of oxygen.
Products at the Jowat AG are not only formulated with renewable raw materials, but are also subject to constant improvements. The reduction in application weight due to a higher solid content, or the use of functional additives when formulating the Jowacoll dispersions, minimizing the isocyanate percentages to levels below the labelling requirements for hazardous goods in the case of the reactive PUR hot melts - all of these measures are making processes more efficient, support ecological safety and health standards in the workplace, and also conserve important resources. Apart from the use of new, renewable raw materials, the qualification of alternative and additional sources for raw materials is an important factor which ensures product availability.
To quote Arnulf Aymanns, Director for the Industrial Division Wood, Construction and Furniture: "Our market and technology leadership allows us to provide our customers with profitable and ecologically sustainable adhesive systems. Renewable raw materials and innovative formulations open up new potentials and represent a major resource to ensure product availability and secure planning for the future".
For more information contact the sales assistant, Mrs. Evelyn Rekus:

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