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Frati Group, Tailoring Division: looking for the lost woodgrain.

21 November 2011

Frati Group, Tailoring Division: looking for the lost woodgrain.

The promotional project organized by Frati Group, Tailoring Division, is based on two key aspects:
- Return to nature.
- Proposal of a finished product as the final prototype resulting from the Group’s applied research.
Is a project that wishes to draw customers attention to the return of woodgrains as the undisputed protagonists in the furniture world by introducing 12 different type of essences.
For the last years, wood was just a “detail” or a “hint” within furniture. Today, it can come finally back to embellish, differentiate and personalize the homes as a true and trendy protagonist.
This trend is fuelled by the “search for nature” in any product.
Naturalness that is neither simple nor poor, but the result of a sophisticated research and widespread culture based on awareness and knowledge.
Naturalness also involves the fabrics world which, by matching wood in colour and material, can reinvent popular products, too often separate from each other, like two strangers in the same home.
From here the presentation of the prototype:


This is a simple application exercise planned from the very beginning for the coordinated use of panels and fabrics in trendy colours.
Colour is and remains the leit motiv of the project, for both woods and fabrics. For this and next season, the featured colours include every hue of beige and brown with hints of yellow, red, indigo and green: all colours that remind of brushwood and coloured species that, in turn, remind of the SEARCH FOR NATURE and THE LOST WOODGRAIN.
For more information, contact:

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