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Componendo: The perfect synthesis between the best technologies and the Italian craft made.

26 January 2012

Componendo: The perfect synthesis between the best technologies and the Italian craft made.

COMPONENDO was born in 1999 from an idea of the founder member, strong of more than a 20 year experience in the field of materials and furniture industry, in particular the kitchen, where the requirement of furnishing elements of the highest quality in stainless steel and of a better service was needed.
COMPONENDO has the privilege to work in a territory where the knowledge of these materials, the use of the most advanced technologies and the availability of skilled workers are an unequalled reality, and all this has given the company the possibility to grow rapidly becoming in short time a privileged partner of some of the most important Italian furnishing companies, diversifying its production and always offering a qualified service of products made to clientís measure and design.
2007 STILOX Srl was founded, to be able to face in a more adequate way the field of subordinate supply, which, in a new industrial site, is provided with the best technologies to enable internally a complete operation working schedule:

- Computer-aided design (CAD).
- plate cut with laser system and punching machine.
- bending up to linear mt. 4.
- complete cycles of welding and finishing.
- joinerís workshop.
- packaging.

The products which turn out from are the perfect synthesis between the best technologies and the Italian craft made.
Fundamental objective has always been to satisfy the clients, who require items which voice quality, making more elegant and qualified the interior decorations in which they are linked together.
Quality is expressed in the details of particular difficult manufacturing, in assisting the client from the beginning of the designing, in the edited craftsmanship of each and every production stage to the packaging.
The same importance is given to personalization: in addition to the development of partnerís ideas, all the products of designing can be carried out in the measurements required by the client. COMPONENDO is the mark which distinguishes the programs developed by the firm and planned by its team of designers. In 2010 in particular, a new project has been completed for bathroom furnishing, with an innovative design for the use of steel in this interior.
This is about consoles characterized by the highest quality of the finishing, also complicated in their realization, and by the combination of steel with other materials such as wood - Santos Rosewood, Canaletto Walnut, Light Oak - Durmast solid surface, glass.
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