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KLEIBERIT HotCoating with BARBERANís technologies.

19 September 2011

KLEIBERIT HotCoating with BARBERANís technologies.

During LIGNA 2011 KLEIBERIT was demonstrating that a new era in surface refinement has arrived. Customers were able to observe live demonstrations how, with the innovative HotCoating -System, excellent high gloss shine could be achieved on furniture surfaces as well as unrivalled levels of hardness on i. e. parquet flooring.
Furthermore this comes with enormous advantages in relation to the use of materials, energy and costs compared to other technologies.
The KLEIBERIT engineering team convinced the trade audience in such a positive way, that very interesting projects with international customers were already initiated during the trade show.
The KLEIBERIT Technical Centre in Weingarten /Germany now is very busy, dealing with all the enquiries and requirement of the trade show visitors. Furthermore, with the HotCoating -System, KLEIBERIT once again was demonstrating, how the company uses its long standing innovative competence in the field of reactive PUR adhesives.

High Gloss with Barberanís HotCoating System-One of the present trends in the furniture industry of these recent years is the use of high gloss materials, mainly in the production of kitchen-doors for furniture, but also other kinds of furniture and components. Barberanís booth included a large display of kitchen-doors produced by application and finishing machinery, specially adapted for its use with such materials.
One of the processes that has aroused more interest was the high gloss finishing on melamine boards. This completely new process, patent pending by Barberan, uses the product HotCoating from the german adhesive manufacturer Kleiberit, which allows to apply this product directly on the melamine surface without the need to apply primer first.
The HotCoating presents exceptional adhesion properties, providing an excellent strength at the same time. The process is interesting, not only for melamine surfaces on MDF boards, but also melamine laminated particleboard panels. For this kind of finishing, Barberan has developed a specific roller coater that achieves, with a single application, the finish quality that is so far only possible when spraying guns or lacquer curtains are used.
The roller application system is smaller, saves more than 50% coating product, as far 100% solid content lacquers are used, and involves a much more efficient and solvent-free application.
Different line configurations are possible but always depending on production requirements. Starting from the application of UV top coat directly on the HotCoating up to the combination of HotCoating, UV base and top coat and sanding for a spectacular finish quality.
The effectiveness of this process was duly tested on different application fields of the furniture and decoration industries where a melamine coated particleboard or MDF board was involved. This process solves the typical difficulties of this type of treatment, with a simple and compact line that improves the product properties, resistance and durability, above those results obtained with conventional UV systems.

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- Kleiberit in Germany, Tel. 0049 7244 62465, e-mail
- Barberan in Spain, Tel. 0034 93 6350810, e-mail

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KLEIBERIT HotCoating with BARBERANís technologies.