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07 September 2012


Password: improve and expand. This is the leitmotif that QUICKWOOD Esperia Srl true, real pilot in advanced solutions for finishing on wood, will promote in the coming fairs.
Transferring in Italy the Danish experience and the know how in the field of the production of abrasive brushes, the company Quickwood Esperia s.r.l. with center in Pavia of Udine (UD) – Italy – has applied that all Italian "technological creativity" to a specific field, wood-furnishes, by literally innovating the processes of the finish of the wood. Thanks to a high content of high-tech and personalized software systems, the signed systems Quickwood can execute, in fact, whichever type of working’s finishes replacing effectively an operation that is still made manually.
Paying always attention to the market trends, where regards the interior finishing it seems now a decisive orientation towards the glossy finish, the QUICKWOOD has developed a fully automatic polishing line, designed by combining the two models PRO Power and QRC.
The polishing of any surface is done through the application of abrasive paste through a system of electronically controlled spray guns, and then with cloth brushes of large diameter. Subsequent there’s the polishing made thanks to the rotating and oscillating cotton brushes.
For the same needs of polishing the QBV model was born, fully automatic machine for polishing edges on four sides. This machine, with compact size, allows the work on the fours sides of the piece without ever having to rotate it.
Following the actual market trends, Quickwood has also been able to satisfy the several requests of “special” machines. First, effectively executing the many requests for customization of the machines and then developing an extensive program of options that can be adapted to any model of machine in the range Quickwood, making it unique to the work of each customer. Quickly we can summarize as follows: QTOS with rail-head transversely to carpet, QCS tape holder for brushes working transversely, QOS super smoothing buffering with roto orbital movement, QRC with oscillating head equipped with 7 or 9 "cup brushes", VERTICAL Bruhses to sand the sides, PA horizontal brush for the finishing.
To sand by hand today is therefore no more necessary since with all the Quickwood machines is possible to reach a result of same quality with the maximum effectiveness and rapidity of working.
The benefits of brushing systems so designed are immediate and among them the reduction of time and costs of sanding.
Over the years, huge investments have been used not only in the restructuring of the establishment, qualification appropriate to the high fees, but especially in the section engineering design and production of a range of machines to solve any problem, shaped by the vertical, from the manual control of boards: the pride of Quickwood Srl.
First company in the world to convert the concept of abrasive brushes into models of brushes and tools brushing for working to finish wood, QUICKWOOD is therefore an expression of a constant and concrete commitment to R & D to optimize the performance of these systems that are gradually revolutionizing the entire industry.
But the quality and integrity of the brush make the difference. It is no coincidence that the spare parts is the major core business QUICKWOOD. So the plant can maintain its value over time - continues Eng. Cepile - the company involved replacing only those parts of the brush really worn out, thus ensuring long life and efficiency of the machine and allowing the recovery of the product with the greatest economy. The interchangeability of all components of the brushing machines made is also a solution that meets the customers - which is guaranteed a prompt worldwide - not only as regards the contents of storage space for parts, but also for the reduction of the production costs.
Founded in 1989 and now highly innovative QUICKWOOD has a highly qualified in terms of image technology and business. Taking advantage of the considerable flexibility of the innovative work system brush, the avant-garde installations made in the establishment in the province of Udine are designed to meet all the growing needs of small, medium and large companies operating in the wood industry in Italy and abroad. The circuit is QUICKWOOD, present in Italy, but - with its subsidiaries - has offices in Denmark (QUICKWOOD ODA), Germany (QUICKWOOD GmbH), Russia (QUICKWOOD Russia), France (Service Francais), in England (QUICKWOOD UK), United States (Sand-Tech Inc.) and China (China QUICKWOOD).