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European Coatings Conference September 14th - 15th, 2006 / Berlin

24 May 2006

European Coatings Conference September 14th - 15th, 2006 / Berlin

Burning issues
Fire protection has never been more important. An increased awareness of safety issues has placed top-notch fire protection performance very high on the list of requirements for many industrial products - in steel, wood or glass constructions, in automotive manufacturing, in plastics products, in technical textiles, in the electronics business, just to name some of the most important. Legislative demands, industry standards and customer specifications for fire retardant properties keep rising, and at the same time there is an important need for an international harmonisation of such standards.
Fire retardant coatings systems represent one of the most important technical solutions to provide constructions and industrial products with the required characteristics, and much research is currently being devoted to their further development.
This sets the scene for the first European Coatings Conference "Fire Retardant Coatings", which focuses exclusively on such systems. As a premiere, this event aims to present an overview on the most recent developments concerning novel raw materials and formulations for fire preventing and fire retarding coatings, with 15 high-level technical presentations, delivered by invited international experts from industry and academia.
Specifically, four technical sessions will focus on developments in:
Session I: Textile coatings
Session II: Wood coatings
Session III: Nanotechnology and fire protection
Session IV: Fire retardant chemicals