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Havina shows how and why forests have always been used in Finland.
Havina shows how and why forests have always been used in Finland.

31 January 2017

Finlandís centenary celebration of Finnish Forest Association

A new online application shows how strongly forests have always been part of Finland’s history and development. The Havina learning material is designed for 15-year-old schoolchildren, yet it offers insights and new perspectives for adults, too. In honour of Finland’s centenary celebration, the Finnish Forest Association has created a new overview of Finnish bio-economy and its development. The learning material ‘Havina – time travel through Finnish bio-economy’ illustrates how the Finns have utilized renewable natural resources and innovations based on them for thousands of years.

With the online application the user can move back and forth in history along the timeline. Numerous texts, images and videos tell the great story of bio-economy – which in Finland equals the use of forests. To illustrate the full significance of forests for this northern country, information on bio-economic innovations is combined with facts describing changes in society and with world events.
“In Finland, the important events in history are all related to forests in some way. The Havina app helps you to notice the cause-and-effect relationships. It tells you how, but also why, forests were used at different times and situations,” Mrs Pirjo Piesala, the author of the learning material, says.

For more information contact Mrs Pirjo Piesala:

Finnish Forest Association
Salomonkatu 17-A
FI-00100 Helsinki / Finland
Ph. +358 9 6850880