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Smart approach to investments in Latvia with the Polaris process.

05 December 2012

Smart approach to investments in Latvia with the Polaris process.

The Polaris process is an investment strategy focused on the economic growth and development of Latvia. The strategy is based on the alliance between the public sector including national and local governments, the private sector covering and international companies, investors willing to invest in Latvia, and finally, major Latvian academic institutions incorporating the main universities and research institutions.
The most important information on Latvia are:

- 64.000 square/Km.
- 2,2 million population.
- Latvian, Russian, English and German spoken.
- Member of the EU and NATO since 2004 and the WTO since 1998.
- GDP of 18,12 billion in 2010.
- FDI stock of 8,25 billion in 2010.
- Fixed exchange rate of 1 = 0,7028 LVL.
- 15% corporate income tax.
- 1,5 depreciation ratio for new technological equipment.
- Easy to set up and manage business.
- Equal right and benefits for both foreign and local investors.
- Liberal employment legislation.

For more information contact Mrs Lasma Lidaka:

Investment and Development Agency of Latvia
Perses iela 2
LV-1442 RIGA / Latvia
Tel +371 67039473
Fax +371 67039401