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COSMOB is a specialised  Technological Centre for the wood sector

10 October 2011

COSMOB is a specialised Technological Centre for the wood sector

For years now in Pesaro an important facility serving the furniture industry has been in operation. To find out more, we went to visit Cosmob and spoke to Manager Alessio Gnaccarini, who told us: “What makes a firm competitive is never a coincidence; it is invariably the result of a strategic choice and a resolute commitment, together with effective performance that turns out quality products able to stand head and shoulders above the competition.
Cosmob is a specialised centre for the wood and furnishing sector that provides support to firms all along the production chain, helping them to become more competitive by supplying solutions and technological services in the fields of quality, research, innovation, design and specialised training. Improving product performance, optimising manufacturing processes, using advanced technologies for design and prototyping and developing professional skills: Cosmob is able to provide a wide range of services, thanks to its many and varied professional skills.
Ongoing investments in developing the technical and scientific skills of our staff and the instruments the centre is equipped with: this is the secret of our growth, which in this sector allows us to offer a new supply model with a host of specific features and with the accent on firms’ particular needs.
The quality level of products and of corporate production systems, and the certification thereof, are taking on a key role for the commercial success of furnishing firms.
This is why Cosmob has set up this specialised centre, able to satisfy the needs of all companies, not only those in the wood and furnishing sector.”
Another aspect of Cosmob’s activity involves cooperation on the development of services in other countries in the world, and currently in Brazil.
Luiz Barretto, the new President of SEBRAE, the Brazilian government body entrusted with supporting small and very small enterprises (turnover of € 1.7 billion, 600 offices all over Brazil) visited the Cosmob Technology Centre in Pesaro in September, with the aim of strengthening the partnership with the Marche facility and plan new events and projects for the 2012-2014 period. One of the aims of the encounter was to take stock of the RST project (Rete di Servizi Tecnologici per lo sviluppo del settore legno-arredo in Amazzonia - Technological Services Network for the development of the wood and furnishing sector in Amazonia) that Cosmob is carrying out along with the Marche Region, SEBRAE and BID (Banco Interamericano di Sviluppo).
With an eye on the future, also discussed during the encounter were ways to set up and implement events and projects for Italy-Brazil Year 2011-2012, during which the President of the Marche Region will play a fundamental role in coordinating contributions from the Italian regional governments in the field of industrial policy.