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Professor Delvingt, is the new  ATIBT President
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14 March 2006

Professor Delvingt, is the new ATIBT President

After more than 10 years of working for ATIBT, Jean-Jacques Landrot informed the Board of Directors that he wished to renew the ATIBT Presidency. Professor Delvingt, a Scientist that many of you already know, has been accepted by the Board of Directors. Working tirelessly in sub-Saharan African forests and savannahs since 1970, Willy Delvingt was initially a specialist in African mammals and the management of National Parks. In particular, he has published the European funded Guide for the Pendjari National Park (Benin), the Guide of the Virunga National Park (DRC) and Discovery of the Wildlife in the North of the Central African Republic (CAR). Since 1990, he has been at the head of Silviculture at the Gembloux University Faculty of Agricultural Sciences (Belgium) and initiated a research programme into dense humid tropical forests in Africa. Whereas the situation post-Rio was a period of systematic denigration of forest exploitation in Central Africa, he decided to collaborate closely with foresters in Gabon, Cameroon, and Congo, aiming to improve their management. In this context, various scientific aspects were approached: ecology of timber producing species (doctoral theses on Okoumé and Moabi), community forests (doctoral thesis and publication of the People’s Forest), village hunting, and natural regeneration assistance for timber producing species… Several projects on various topics were carried out for different Donors (EU, UK, Dutch, German, FFEM), in isolation or in collaboration with the WWF. The major axes and actions of ATIBT to promote sustainable forest management will not only be maintained but also increased if possible, with the continued collaboration from all the actors of the sector.