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The European parquet industries in 2010
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06 June 2011

The European parquet industries in 2010

European Parquet Industry on the road to recovery

Further amplifying the January forecast of FEP (European Federation of the Parquet Industry) issued at the start of the DOMOTEX fair, the consolidated data provided by member companies and affiliated national associations indicate a positive development in the ranks of the European Parquet Industry and a growth in both production & consumption volumes. Compared to the previous year, the total production in 2010 increased by 4.11%, whereas the overall consumption figures point to an even stronger growth of 6.81%. The 2010 result is particularly encouraging as it comes after two difficult years during which, induced by the global Economic crisis, the parquet industry also faced difficult times resulting in declines in areas of both consumption and production.
The reasons for this promising tendency reversal can be found in the general economic upswing witnessed in the past year, the strong performance of some of the largest markets and the better than expected global result of the parquet industry in the Euro Area towards the end of last year. Nevertheless, FEP wants to underscore that in certain cases the procured data are provisional and that therefore the possibility of some variation in the results should not be excluded.
The total production in FEP territory rose to a volume of 70,300,000 m.
Important increases, particularly in Germany, Austria and the Nordic countries, but also in the Netherlands, Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic had a major impact on the positive development of the entire sector.
Consumption in the FEP area also grew by 6.81%, to a level of 92,945,000 m.
Important increases are witnessed especially in the Nordic cluster, Germany and France.

As regards the 2010 total parquet production per type, multilayer remains at a stable level with 78%. Solid, including lamparquet, is adding 1% to reach 20%, whereas mosaic is declining by 1% to now 2% of the total cake.
In absolute production figures by country, Poland is consolidating its top position with 17.71%, Germany remains second at 15.64% and Sweden comes in third with 13,30%.
The growth in consumption in the FEP area is even more pronounced: +6.81% and in line with FEPs January forecast.
Germany is leading the pack with 20.84% (a more than 2% market share increase compared to 2009), now followed by France with 13.01% and Spain with 10.84%, only slightly ahead of Italy with 10.33%.
The per capita parquet consumption is highest in Austria (0.76 m) and Switzerland (0.7), followed by Sweden now at 0.63 m. In the total FEP area, the consumption per inhabitant has risen from 0.21m in 2009 to 0.23m in 2010.
The usage of wood species in 2010 as shown on the above graph indicates that oak is advancing further to reach a spectacular 65.2% of the total, tropical wood species are again regressing significantly to a mere 7.5%. Ash and beech are now again in an upward motion with 6.8% and 6.3% respectively.