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CEI-Bois Memorandum to the European Institutions
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04 December 2009

CEI-Bois Memorandum to the European Institutions

The publication of a “Memorandum of the woodworking industries to the European institutions” has become a tradition associated with the elections for the European Parliament and the appointment of a new European Commission.
With this memorandum, CEI-Bois seeks to demonstrate the contribution the European wood industry and products can make to Europe achieving its political goals and to draw attention to key policy areas which have an impact on its industries. The memorandum raises concerns over various topics with which the European institutions are involved and puts forward specific proposals for legislation.
CEI-Bois’ main requests to the European institutions are among others directed towards impact assessments prior to new or revised regulations or measures being introduced, climate change and the COP15 discussions, the suitable way to promote renewable energy sources and biomass, the fight against illegal logging, the US Lacey Act, the “Industrial Emissions Directive”, wood as a raw material, the fight against protectionist initiatives, etc.
CEI-Bois hopes this document will increase the understanding of the specificities of the woodworking sector in Europe and lead to a more intensive co-operation with the European institutions.

Did you know that:
• The European woodworking industries represent an annual turnover of about 270 billion euros generated by 380,000 companies?
• They employ close to 3 million workers and play an important role in the European economy, in particular in rural areas?
• Their basic raw material, wood, is man’s only naturally renewable resource?
• Wood is a natural carbon store and provides the best solution to climate change? About CEI-Bois: CEI-Bois represents the interests of the European woodworking industries: over 380,000 companies with a turnover of around 269 billion euros in the EU27 and more than 2.7 million employees. One of the key missions of CEI-Bois is to safeguard competitiveness of the sector and its future role in the European economy based on the principles of sustainability.