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 Festool Conturo: The perfect first mobile edge bander with unique cartridge gluing system.
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14 January 2016

Festool Conturo: The perfect first mobile edge bander with unique cartridge gluing system.

Festool is launching the new Conturo system onto the market - a hand-guided electric power tool for edge banding and a complete system solution to create the perfect edge with virtually invisible joins.

The Conturo is easy to operate and produces excellent results – both on rectangular components and complex free shapes. Perfect for manufacturing small batches as well as individual solutions that require the quick attachment of high-quality edging, even on curved, convex or concave shapes. Requirements for the perfect edge are becoming ever more demanding because in addition to functionality, greater importance is being attached to appearance and feel. Visible glued joins and dirt that settles along the edge or noticeable protruding edges are definitely to be avoided.
The working result can only be considered high in quality if the edges are machined perfectly. At present, straight edges are predominantly affixed using a bench-mounted edge bander that glues, trims, cuts and polishes to a perfect quality standard. A machining center that incorporates a gluing station is required to affix edging to shaped parts and can be very costly as well as financially unviable for smaller enterprises. Mobile gluing has always been a messy, slow and awkward process that usually fails to deliver the desired edge quality.

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