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Giorgio Battistelli, Managing Director of Bup Tools. Photo Datalignum in Dubai.
Giorgio Battistelli, Managing Director of Bup Tools. Photo Datalignum in Dubai.
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16 March 2017

BUP Tools expands its business in the Middle East.

BUP Tools was founded in 1968 and following the expansion of the local furniture manufactures started his own production of woodworking tools. The hard work and determination meant that the company soon increased his output and were able to take on staff and to develop his technology so that it could corner a larger share of the market.

In 1978 the company moved into new premises and could consider itself a full-blown industry, with 1300 square metres and 15 factory workers.
After ten years in the business there was a real boom: sales increased and the market could now be expanded. Rather than simply working with local companies, as they had done in the beginning, they began to sell both to the rest of Italy and abroad. Their high quality products were very much in demand: BUP Utensili soon became an important point of reference for many companies. Today, the technology which is used to make tools takes advantage of state-of-the-art equipment. First it is designed and plotted on computers using the graphics software CAD and CAD/CAM. This makes it possible to work on the designs in 3D and the graphic design of the cutter can be directly transmitted to the numerically controlled work stations which can then produce high quality products. Knives are made using two automatic profile machines with an automatic feeder. They have four different diamond wheels which can grind down the edges, finish, sharpen, and give super finishes to the raw material in HM. So that almost any type of shape is possible. BUP. BUP Tools is specialized in making diamond tools.
The production include a wide range of standard tools and also a lot of special products made upon customer specifications. This work cycle is completed by carrying out careful tests on the tool to check its precision: the test on wood is the final test that guarantees its high quality.
Over the years they have also gained a good deal of experience making tools for routers.
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