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SISTEMI, Surface Diamond Coating KleinDIA.
market information

08 April 2015

SISTEMI, Surface Diamond Coating KleinDIA.

KleinDIA is a DLC (Diamond-like Carbon) anti-friction coating developed for large-scale production which allows to solve problems of tool abrasion, chip evacuation and chemical attack. KleinDIA coating ensures excellent results in the processing of plastic and graphitic materials and Plexiglass.
After the polishing process of the flute and/or cutting edge, a layer of less than 1 micron is laid on the tool surface at low temperature, thus not altering the properties of the bit or knife. Its high hardness is granted by both Sp2 (Graphite) and Sp3 (Diamond) Carbon hybridization.
Our several tests confirmed remarkable results on both panels and solid wood processing. 
Thanks to a very low friction coefficient, plastic and aluminium working are also improved and can be effected without coolant.
Sistemi offers a wide range of reversible knives with the KleinDIA coating for excellent performance, according to our Catalog 14.A and ready to stock.

- High hardness Hv 0,025: 2500-3100
- Higher wear resistance (longer working time)
- Low frictional coefficient (lowered working temperature)
- Very low sticking coefficient (better chips evacuation)
- Thickness apprx. 1 micron
The surface coating KleinDIA can be applied on many other products giving extraordinary results depending on the type of material processed.
 KleinDIA coating ensures excellent results in the processing of plastic and graphitic materials and Plexiglass
KleinDIA is the most advantageous coating with the best price, ensuring:
- Production Increase
- Better Finishing
- Less Maintenance

Visit us at LIGNA Hannover, 11-15 May 2015 (Hall 26 / Stand A53) and discover our special surface diamond coating and all the other new Klein products.
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