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DECOTEC: PRINTING: The world is in motion.
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13 November 2013

DECOTEC: PRINTING: The world is in motion.

Fresh design and new ideas reflect our lifestyles and fillourhomeswithnew energy, light and color.
An adventure through inspiring themes. LifestylesbyDecotec.

A newappreciation of natural resources. Sustainability to preserve ourmost valued treasure: nature.
Our values,traditions. Our family. At home, this trend brings a soothing presence throughnatural, rustic wood, as well as structured textiles or tactile effects.

Our home could be a playful space,happy, full of life.
I have to say it loud and clear: we are tired ofbeing so serious!
Seeking forlightness, energy and optimism.
Bright colors often applied incombination with white, neutral colors or wood.
In woodgrains,unique, vibrant designs.

We explore and appreciate the beauty ofour daily surroundings with an optimistic and naive view of theworld. Elegance and style in design anddecoration. We make a statement with fine woods, delicate fabrics insubtle combinations to unveil a hidden beauty. An elegant structures selection, dyedoff-white, earthy and dark brown tones as well.

Everything changes, only our basic needsdon’t. Less is more.
Quality prevails over quantity. Wewantbetter products that last longer.
Hints of handcrafted, used, repaired orimprovised materials give a casual look.
We recycle valuable pieces offurniture that have been for decades in our family.

For more information contact Mrs Anna Balaguer Bosch:

E-08490 Tordera | Barcelona | Spain
Tel. +34 93 703 26 48
Fax. +34 93 764 38 43