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Ferrari wins M Technology Award at ZOW 2007

26 February 2007

Ferrari wins M Technology Award at ZOW 2007

Agostino Ferrari S.p.A. receives a prize at “M TECHNOLOGY AWARD 2007” for its new pull-push Magic (Patent Pending) system. Magic (Patent Pending), the new system developed and patented by Agostino Ferrari S.p.A. will receive a “M Technology Award 2007” at ZOW 2007 in Bad Salzuflen, in Germany - This prize continues the winning tradition of the Italian company, which in the past has won several innovation, technology and design awards (for instance Interzum or ADI – Italian Design Association). Agostino Ferrari is an Italian leader in manufacturing furniture hinges, slides and fittings. The company is known worldwide for its quality and innovative production. The Italian firm is constantly observing the market to meet the customers’ needs. That’s why the product line is in continuous evolution. Magic (Patent Pending) wins the “M Technology Award 2007” because it is a synthesis of innovation, technology, aesthetic, design and functionality. Magic allows furniture doors to open automatically with a smooth movement. The whole system is actioned with just one finger, all you need is one simple touch. The system is composed by a magnetic pull-push mechanism and special hinges with springs that open the doors automatically. By closing the door a cylindrical magnet gets in contact with a metal plate fixed to the door, and a smooth closing is ensured. By opening the door a plastic pin, coaxial to the magnet, takes the metal plate away (a 6 mm distance from the door), releasing the door.Having an axial symmetry and reduced dimensions, the product can be inserted into a 10 mm dia. hole machined in the side panel, being actually invisible. The metal plate can be fixed by bi-adhesive tape. Further operations on the door are not required. The tests carried out at Ferrari laboratories have shown that the system can last for 400/500,000 open/close cycles. Magic is innovative because of the minimal distance required for the door to be released - only 6 mm. Magic is unique because it requires no operations on doors, it never locks in closed position, the doors won’t have any parts thrusting outward, and it’s available for wood-based and also aluminium framed doors. The system is completely concealed, it requires no door handles. Magic is available with many different variations, for instance with adaptors when holes can’t be drilled in the cabinet side. The metal plate can be fixed with dowels, it can be glued or fixed with bi-adhesive tape. At ZOW 2007 in Bad Salzuflen Ferrari will present a new model of Magic, which is more powerful and gives more door opening. The new system can be used with standard hinges – special springs working in opening will no longer be necessary. For these reasons Magic is the best, most complete product line available on the market for automatic opening/closing of furniture doors. The system will be visible at Zow 2007 in Bad Salzuflen 2007 (Hall 19, Stand D14) from February 26th until March 1st.