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BONZANO INDUSTRIE has inaugurated the new factory of OSB (Oriented Strand Board) products with only poplar.

27 May 2013

BONZANO INDUSTRIE has inaugurated the new factory of OSB (Oriented Strand Board) products with only poplar.

Last Saturday in Coniolo Monferrato was put into operation a new plant for the continuous production of OSB (Oriented Strand Board) made by IMAL Group of San Damaso, Modena with Italian technology and Poplar wood only, 100% Italian.
The Group Bonzano was born in 1952 and in the landscape of the industries of the panels has always been distinguished for their foresight: in fact, in 1972 the late Bruno Bonzano inaugurated the first plant for the production of thin chipboard.
In 1982 the first plant for the production of thin MDF and today the family Bonzano, with an investment of 40 million, wanted to start a production initiative is unique in the world, using as raw material the Poplar wood only.
We will return to this new factory and 'OSB, but in the meantime we provide some technical details of the product and the standard measures of the panel kind OSB/3:

- Density (EN 323) = 530-560 kg/m3.
- Flexural long / transverse (EN 310), N/mm2 = 20/10.
- Modulus of elasticity long / transverse (EN 210), N/mm2 = 3500/1400.
- Internal cohesion (EN 319) = 0.32 N/mm2.
- Internal cohesion cycle after boiling (EN) 1087-1), N/mm2 = 0.13.
- Swelling 24h (EN) 317) = 15%.
- Moisture content (EN 322) = 5-12%.
- Resistance to surface extraction of the screws / side (EN 320), N = NA.
- Thickness tolerance (calibrated), mm = + / - 0.3.
- Thickness tolerance (uncalibrated), mm = + / - 0.8.
- Length / Width, mm = + / - 3.0.
- Tolerance of straightness of edges, mm / m = 1.5.
- Tolerance on squaring, mm / m = 2.0.
- Tolerance medium density,% = + / - 15.

The production takes place with a plant in continuous width mm. 2500 with panels of thickness 6 mm to 40 mm, while the panels are supplied in standard sizes:

250x5000 2070x2770 2050x 3050 1250x5000 1250x4000 1250x3000 1250x2800 1250x2650 1250x2500 e 1220x2440.

In a national economic landscape "depressed" the initiative of the Bonzano Industries is brave and worthy of praise for confidence in the future and the OSB product, which in Italy was not.
Our publishing house expresses the Family Bonzano, the workers and suppliers all, the most lively complements and wishes for "a great success".

For more information contact Mr Alessandro Marchini, Sales Manager:

I-Pan Spa
Str. Prov. 31 Bis, Regione Cavallino
15030 Coniolo Monferrato (AL)
Tel. 0142 330125
Fax 0142 563637